Summer Cocktails $9 to $12

La Sandía
Absolut Watermelon, Lime, Chamoy and Tajin.
Inspired by Chicago’s popular fruit cart vendors, this slushy is full of flavor and will keep you cool on a hot summer day!

Strawberry Pear Mule
Absolut Pear, Strawberry Puree, Lime, Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Electric Watermelon
Cruzan Light Rum, Mint, Lime, Red Bull: Red Edition (Watermelon).
Our twist on a watermelon mojito!

24 Carrot
Alto’s Tequila, Carrot Jalapeño Juice, Lime, Taijin Rim, Pickled Carrot

Fired Up!
Corazon Tequila, Cointreau, Appel’s Habanero Passion Fruit, & Lime Juice. Rimmed with Patty’s Drip Drip (Chamoy Sauce) and Tajin.

Bloody & Bruised
Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey, Blood Orange Puree, Lemon, Basil

Caribbean Smash
Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve, Pineapple Juice, Mint, Lime

Scott & Chico
Glenlivet Founders Reserve, Topo Chico

*NEW* Topo Chico now available!
$2 Up Charge as a mixer / $5 for a bottle